What Really Motivates Travel…


Often times, most people do not engage in leisure travel for holiday purposes. People will tell you such stories as it is not necessary that they travel and that they are content and fulfilled in the normal lives they are living (off course without engaging in travel). Also, you will be very likely to get responses such as “The money I have cannot be enough to warrant for holiday travel”. Such are the types you will often pity for they do not know really the disadvantage they are causing to themselves by actually not traveling.


I have therefore put my mind together and switched on my computer to write something on why you really need to add “more travel” as one of your resolutions this year and years to come and actually the things that can motivate you to work towards achieving that.

Needs, Motives and Motivations are three key elements that acts as engine to the human conduct and they play a fundamental part in mechanisms of tourism. 


The motivation exists when a person is capable of creating an impulse that leads to a need, which in turn gives a feeling of dissatisfaction until this need has been satisfied. Reason for wanting to travel is an inner motive and it is related to the question of why, whereas more specific motivations determine the answers regarding where and type of holiday. Motivation for travel covers a wide range of human behavior and experiences. A person will tend to be motivated to travel when they want to interact with their friends and family, when they want to relax and be away from daily routine and stress, when they are exited about something and when one wants to indulge in a certain adventure among other reasons…


On his Book, Social Psychology on Tourist Behavior , Pearce applies Maslow’s Hierarchy to tourist’s motivations and needs and argues that tourists are attracted to a destination because of the possibility of fulfilling self-actualization, love belongingness and physiological needs that deals primarily on the maintenance of the human body. Other travel motivators can be labeled and grouped according to motivation as follows; Nostalgics, Status-seekers, Learners, Escapists, Friendlies, Physicals and thinkers.


As I conclude on this, I’d urge us all to avoid excuses that we have in the past overburdened our shoulders with and get out and be inspired and motivated to travel. As one writer noted, Its only through travel that one will get to Learn and that there’s no learning without travel.

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