Industrial Based Learning


This unique program in the Technical University of Kenya cannot go un-captured, particularly by those who have undergone it and really knows the awe and delight that comes along with it.

The program is dubbed as Industrial Based Learning (IBL), whereby both Diploma students on their 2nd year, 3 rd Semester  and Degree students on their 3rd year, 3rd semester break the monotony of classroom learning and for a whole semester, embark in traveling and touring all the tourist circuits in Kenya.The IBL aims to provide a national perspective on Tourism and Travel Management through direct exposure to key attractions, infrastructure that supports tourism and stakeholders in the industry. It provides a rare opportunity for the students to obtain hands-on experience on physical and cultural features within the landscape, meet with officials from tourism management institutions, County Governments, organizations as well as enterprises, draw sub-destination linkages and comparisons on the unique ecosystems and their attractions, experience various tourism products, apply the prior knowledge obtained from class room learning to the field study and determine the underlying factors that influence tourism product development at a national level.

The overall goal of the program (IBL) is to evaluate the significance of the tourism circuits to tourism development in Kenya. It presents a unique opportunity for the students to apply various concepts acquired in class and relate them to real world situations then apply the learning and experiences obtained back to classroom after they resume learning in the lecture rooms giving them a unique edge in the industry.

This program is usually waited with lots of enthusiasm from students. It’s a lifetime moment for all the tourism students to indulge in travel and many of the students realizes that they actually chose the right course when the IBL is on. This is usually due to the fact that during their High school days, Travel was only limited to visiting neighboring school 10 km away to watch the set books being acted or when attending the inter-schools competitions with their village mates and news about traveling all over Kenya are worth talking home about.

Following are some of the circuits covered and some of the memories captured in photos…

Coastal Circuit

During this circuit, the students have the chance to visit among other places the  usually covers Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Malindi Marine Park, Watamu Marine Park, Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, Wild Waters Amusement Park, Watamu Beach, Diani Beach, Wasini Beach, Night life, Kaya Kinondo, Mwalugange Elephant Sanctuary, Kaya Kinodo Forest among others.

Western Circuit 

During this circuit the students get the opportunity to visit the attractions in the Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza provinces. This entails among other attractions the following; Kakamega Forest, Saiwa Swamp National Park, Impala Sanctuary and Ruma National Park.





At Kogelo Village- Mama Sarah Obama at the center, front row
At Got Ramogi Hills. Yala Swamp at the background- The 3rd largest wetland in Kenya.
It was all merry and joy at the campsite overlooking Ndere Island National Park.
Lake Victoria at Winam Gulf. Ndere Island Nat Park at the background
A Boat Ride to the Ndere Island Nat Park- an awesome experience it was.
Scenic views of the Lake Victoria from the Ndere Island Nat Park
The experience was irresistible for all….We had to go for the nature walk to the peak of the island. What an experience!!
No giving up yet….till we get to the peak. (Niko na Safaricom advertisement campaign was done here)
Finally at the Peak…the moment had to be captured in a group photo

Nairobi Circuit

This give student chance to explore the nearby attraction to the institution and those that stretch as far as Naivasha. Some of these attractions include; Mamba Village, Girraffe Center, Bomas of Kenya, David Shedrick Elephant Sanctuary, Karen Blixen Museum, National Museums of Kenya, City Tours, Murumbi Gallery, Archives of Kenya, Lake Elmentaita, Hells Gate and Mt. Longonot National Parks

KARIBUNI- At UNEP headquarters in Gigiri
This was an awesome view at the David Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary
Feeding the baby elephants.
After they have taken enough, they can make world best footballers..Not in a carpeted pith though.
And the cubs too are equally important at the Nairobi Animal orphanage
This lion looked  uninterrupted by the photographer and whatever else going on within its surrounding
…You thought you had a nice pose, wait until you pose alongside a Lesser Spot-Nosed Monkey
Animal Orphanage 3
Nairobi Animal Orphanage
At Paradise Lost Camping Site… Gastronomy is a motivation for travel as well.

Central Circuit

The students heads Northwards to sample attractions in the Aberdare National Parks, Mt Kenya National Park and Mwea National Park, Meru, Kora, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Nyambene Hills, Ngare Ndare Forest, Ol Pajeta Conservancy, and Bisanadi Parks

The White Rhino of Ol Pajeta Conservancy
The Chimpanzee at sweetwaters Sanctuary- you will be amazed at the way they are witty



To sum up about this program, it is not only educative but also instills wisdom about attractions in Kenya to students and Lecturers alike that no other University in Kenya does currently. It is therefore just prudent for those wishing to study Tourism to first research about what complimentary programs are offered before choosing the Institution of choice.

All the best!!

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Thank You.

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