Papius Gachau

Travel and Tourism Enthusiast.

Being a tourism and travel enthusiast, my interest in Tourism and related Hospitality industry have grown tremendously and today I don’t regret choosing Tourism as my course of study. This has left me with a daily urge of wanting to know what’s happening in the travel and tourism arena and sharing it in this blog.

My love for all people from diverse cultures, new destinations, traveling, adventure travel and other sorts of tourism have left me with an unquenched thirst of traveling and learning.

I love adventure and likes sharing my experiences with other people and there’s no other better place I could have found than at such a platform like this.

I welcome all my readers and kindly request that before logging out you feel free to leave a comment, a suggestion or even have a chat on any of my articles.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Papius,

    I like to personally welcome all my readers (I know you’re thinking “what lovely service”). There’s so much choice on the web these days so I’m always happy to see someone sign on to my blog, hopefully it means that you enjoy it.

    I always encourage dialogue on anything I write so as we go along feel free to email, comment, suggest or even just have a chat on any of my articles. I reply to every single one.




    1. Papius says:

      Thank You. I found your articles educative and I’m sure I’ll learn from them and the subsequent ones to follow.

      Liked by 1 person

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